Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cat trouble

I am worried sick right about now.I had a piece of Bologna for supper and didn't even think that our new cat likes to get in the garbage because our old cat never did this.I threw the piece of wax off the bologna right in the kitchen garbage and after a while the mother cat came in to get something to eat and I fed her and then went in to check my Email .

My mother noticed all of a sudden that the cat was over by the garbage chewing very hard on something but by the time she got to her it was already swallowed.We determined it must have been the wax,so we called up our vet and she said to watch her and if she vomits,has a sore belly or won't eat by the morning bring her in.I really hope she will be alright so if anyone reads this blog tonight say a prayer for her if you pray.

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