Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cat and at least 4 kittens

The cruelty of some people astounds me ,this morning when I went out to water my plants I found a cat under our truck,she was crying to me and I though she must be a stray.I felt sorry for her so went and got some food and a dish of water and put it out,she immediately came to eat and drink and I gave her a pet.She seemed very thin and after she had eaten her fill and gone back under the truck,I decided to watch and see what she would do,hoping she had a home and would return to it.

As I sat on the grass watching her she continued to cry and suddenly from underneath the truck appeared a kitten as I watched 3 more came to join her.She proceeded to nurse them even thought they are quite big and groom them also.

I suppose that we will have to try and take them to the SPCA on Monday ,although I would love to keep them all,we already have a cat and she is not fond of strangers.She was sitting on the window watching the small family all morning and I was surprised she didn't growl at them because usually she has no tolerance for other animals but it must be because of the kittens.

I really can't understand how someone could put a cat out alone with all her kittens and expect her to fend for herself.You can tell she belonged to some one because she is very friendly animal.I love animals myself and have many fish besides my cat and it's just hard for me to comprehend what is going though people minds when they do things like this.I know some people have the attitude that because we live out in the country we can take in any animal that lands on our door step but that is not so,even one cat is quite an expense to keep with food, needles and flea medications to be paid for.

I wish people would just be responsible and get their pet spayed or neutered or not own a pet at all.

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