Friday, October 17, 2008

Election results

The only thing I can say about the election results is that is wasn't quite so bad as I thought it would be at one point,although our own liberal Mp in Miramichi,for many years did get booted out.

I found this article and particularly the comments on it quite interesting,it seems while many people wouldn't vote for Mr Dion ,they still seem to think he is a honest and decent person.Regardless of what happens on Monday I am sure it will be an interesting time to be following politics in the next little while.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Late calls

This strikes me as kind of funny but then I wasn't woken up ,if I had been I would probably be furious.If it was a liberal this had happened to I wouldn't find it very funny either

Under the circumstances, I don't think getting another phone call would be advisable at this time

I can certainly agree with that ,I can't see how she could even consider sending out another phone call at this point

Pumpkin snatched

What in the world would a person do with a 204 kilo pumpkin.It must be pretty hard to hide something that big especially when it is known one went missing.It also must have been quite a chore to remove the thing.