Friday, June 29, 2007

Cat cam

This is realy cute.He even got in the Globe and Mail.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Egypt bans female circumcision

This is a good thing,I know there are many bad things that happen in Egypt but at least they have seen the light on this issue.Hopefully they will be able to enforce this ban and it won't just be driven underground.I think what is really needed in places where female circumcision is prevalent is a total changing of peoples attitudes towards women.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Water conservation

Justin Trudeau has some good ideas about water conservation.

Spelling quiz

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I usually think I'm not that good of a speller but I must be alright I Guess.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Living off others garbage

That a person can live for a year without buying anything is a really interesting idea,that really shows how much people waste.There was a segment on the National recently about this also.In the story the people featured even got their food from others garbage.I think that might be a bit to much for most people and seem kind of disgusting in a way but if people want to do that it's every one to their own thing I guess.

If I lived in a big city it would be kind of fun to go out now and then and see what you might find although I think I would skip on the food.It's kind of like the equivalent of our yard sales which are very prevalent in the summer months on Saturday mornings,some people go to them each week also.I go now and then and you can get some nice things and it's better than sending them to the dump.I don't know if they have yard sales in the bigger cities or not.

Iran cracks down on dissent

I recently finished reading the book Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi,it was very interesting and informative book and I would highly recommend it.I didn't know much about Iran or the political situation there so I learned many things.This article highlights the continuing problems in Iran with regard to individual rights.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Supervised injection sites

I have always supported supervised injection sites.We don't want to encourage people to start using drugs but if they already are addicted we need to reduce the chance for harm to occur.I think it would be great if they had treatment and social services in the same place as the article says they do in Europe.If we can get some of these people in the door ,we might be able to do something to help them instead of just throwing them in jail and ignoring the underlying problems.i hope the conservative government will come to See this.

Belinda Stronach has cancer

There seems to be so much cancer now,everyone knows someone that has had it,I wonder if there was less years ago or people just didn't get diagnosed.Sometimes I wonder about all the chemicals in daily life now and the effect they may have on humans even though they are supposed to be safe.

I found this article interesting I don't know if you can believe every thing it says and would like to see more study but it is worrisome.I like to wear make up and use at least a couple of products every day.

I guess the best thing a person can do is see their doctor regularly and get the recommended tests which is something I am not very good at doing but if thing are caught early there is more chance for a good outcome.Hopefully Belinda Stronach will soon be feeling better and back to her regular activities.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Boy's pot suspension

I think this was really drastic action for someone just expressing an opinion.I agree we don't want to be promoting marijuana use to children or teenagers but free speech is an important right and we need to safe guard our rights here in Canada.There are many countries where free speech isn't respected and you can land in jail for what you say ,this being a recent example..If this boy had actually been selling marijuana it would be a different situation but it appears all he did was state his opinion.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blog is irritating

The word blog has been voted one of the most irritating words in Internet terminology in a British poll.Blog itself is 2nd on the list ,blogsphere is 3rd. Number one is folksonomy and I don't even know what that means.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Goats to eat the weeds

They are getting goats to eat the weeds in Prince George,I think it would be really neat to see goats out trimming the grass.

200 jobs for Miramichi

This some good news for the Miramichi and there has been a lot of bad news lately. We just aren't going to be able to depend on the forestry sector anymore for most of our jobs,it will be great if the mills reopen but it will be awhile before we know that and things don't look to good.These jobs won't replace all the jobs at the mills but it is still great to get them.We need our diversify our economy and I will be watching with interest on Monday to see what this announcement will be.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New director of womens affairs

Hopefully this women will be able to do some good and improve the attitudes towards women in Afghanistan.She could be in quite a lot of danger as her predecessor was assassinated but progress has to start somewhere and if no one ever speaks out women will continue to be oppressed.She is very brave women to do so and even taking the post puts her at risk.I don't think I would be as brave if I had to live in a country like Afghanistan.

The cat saga continues

My parents had an interesting night on Monday( I was at work),about 5 in the morning there was a large tom cat out on our front door step railing howling,my mother went out and chased it down the drive way but we didn't see the small family all day until about 8pm when I went out to go to work,there was the mother calling to me.I got them some food and as I pulled out of the drive way I could see the mother and 1 kitten out eating.I guess after I left the whole family was out eating and playing in our drive way.The mother must have know that the large cat was a threat to the kittens and hidden them somewhere safe for the day.My mother said the male cat would probably kill the kittens if he could find them.

This morning they are all up under our truck so my father who was going out had to take the car instead. We phoned the SPCA and they are all full and so are the ones in Moncton and Bathurst ,the women said that it would be best to keep them for a few weeks and feed and take care of them as best we can until there is some room so I think my father will be grounded for quite awhile as under the truck seems to be their favorite spot.

Our cat normally doesn't like other cats but we can't keep her in for 2 weeks so she is out now and hopefully there will be no fighting.I wish I could keep one of the kittens they are so cute especially one dark with pretty markings on his face but no one else wants another cat.I think our cat would accept a kitten if I could convince my parents but that might be a hard job.The best I can do is maybe pay for the mother to be spayed when we eventually take her to the SPCA,I know they encourage people to do this as a way of making a donation,and then the cat is more likely to find a home.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Update on kittens

Now there are 5, we just saw a cute little gray one a few minutes ago.I had put out a box with some old sheets in the hope the mother cat would take them in it for the night as rain was expected but she was smarter than that,she took them in our shed as the door was open,which is probably just as well as it has started to down pour just now.

I hope no more turn up as I think it costs 10 dollars each to turn in a cat to the SPCA ,I know that is a reasonable request because it goes to help feed them until a home can be found but there are other things I would rather do with 60 dollars.

Cat and at least 4 kittens

The cruelty of some people astounds me ,this morning when I went out to water my plants I found a cat under our truck,she was crying to me and I though she must be a stray.I felt sorry for her so went and got some food and a dish of water and put it out,she immediately came to eat and drink and I gave her a pet.She seemed very thin and after she had eaten her fill and gone back under the truck,I decided to watch and see what she would do,hoping she had a home and would return to it.

As I sat on the grass watching her she continued to cry and suddenly from underneath the truck appeared a kitten as I watched 3 more came to join her.She proceeded to nurse them even thought they are quite big and groom them also.

I suppose that we will have to try and take them to the SPCA on Monday ,although I would love to keep them all,we already have a cat and she is not fond of strangers.She was sitting on the window watching the small family all morning and I was surprised she didn't growl at them because usually she has no tolerance for other animals but it must be because of the kittens.

I really can't understand how someone could put a cat out alone with all her kittens and expect her to fend for herself.You can tell she belonged to some one because she is very friendly animal.I love animals myself and have many fish besides my cat and it's just hard for me to comprehend what is going though people minds when they do things like this.I know some people have the attitude that because we live out in the country we can take in any animal that lands on our door step but that is not so,even one cat is quite an expense to keep with food, needles and flea medications to be paid for.

I wish people would just be responsible and get their pet spayed or neutered or not own a pet at all.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Honour killings

It's disturbing that things like this are going on in the world especially in countries like England that we would expect to be reasonably safe for women. Great strides have taken place in women's rights in the last 50 or so years in places like Canada but we need to remember there is still along way to go when we see stories like these. Hopefully these types of crimes can be prevented in the future by changing peoples attitudes.

Carbon offsetting

This article confirms some of my fears about carbon offsetting.People are trying to do something good for the environment but it is totally unregulated,and even the companies that are doing something for peoples money aren't always doing the best things to combat climate change.

I am also concerned that people may buy credits and think that is enough,while every one should be trying to make even small changes in their lifestyle.

Arrests in Egypt

Stuff like this really concerns me,I used to read the blog Rantings of a Sandmonkey before he decided to quit and he would be reporting on this kind of thing all the time.There seems to be so many problems in the world and so much unrest,especially in Gaza at the moment.I wonder if there will ever be lasting peace in that region.We are very lucky to live in Canada and I know I sometimes tend to take all our rights and freedoms for granted.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Age of protection

This is one of the reasons I was concerned about the new age of protection but now with the five year close in age exemption I think it is good.We should be trying to protect children and teens from predators not throwing people like this boy in jail and I hope something like this will never happen here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Prince Philip turns 86

Today Prince Philip celebrates his 86 birthday.He is someone I have always admired and I have enjoyed reading several of his book especially Down to earth,although it is an older book and some of the thing in it are out dated now, I found it has many good ideas some of which I had not though of before.

Many of the good thing Prince Philip has done for the environment, and youth with the Duke of Edinburgh Award are over shadowed by his occasionally controversial comments and I feel he doesn't get recognized as often as he should.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Guinean women gets to stay in Canada

This is great.

Women fears daughter will be circumcised

It is terrible stuff like this is still taking place around the world,hopefully this women and her daughter will be allowed to stay in Canada.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dressing for church

I think there are way more important issues in the church to worry about than what someone wears to mass,we should just be happy they are there and take the time to come with every one so busy now.

If people are distracted by what someone else is wearing maybe the problem is with them, not the other person,maybe they didn't go to church in the proper frame of mind and should concentrate on why they are there not what other people are wearing.

In my opinion unless someone is really showing their entire body I don't have a problem with it and I have never seen anything I though was inappropriate at my church.Some people would prefer we return to when women had to cover their hair and have their dress a certain length to get in the church butI don't think that is realistic.

I also notice most of this article deals with what women are wearing, with not much said about men and in society at large there also seems to be a double standard.

Lesbian couple face harassment

I am really disgusted that people could behave in this fashion.This is showing how little sense they have and how immature grow adults can even be.I really would expect better in this day and age when people are supposed to be more tolerant of others.

Liberals and Afghanistan

I was glad to see this today in the globe and mail.I was not very happy with the liberal wanting to pull out in 2009 but I could accept this.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Miramichi mill to close

This is a big blow for a small community,It's not just the jobs these people will lose but also the money they spend at local businesses will no longer be there. Many of these people may have to leave or settle for a much lower paying job.

Friday, June 1, 2007


I got a new guppy today,he is a really pretty one,I have him in my tank with 2 female guppies, 3 pictus catfish,a striped raphael catfish and a upside down catfish and a female betta.I hope the catfish won't bother or eat the smaller fishes ,as they age but what I would really like is to get another tank (probably a 10 gallon) for the guppies and maybe the female betta could go with them to.

I think my parents are going to have a fit if I get any more tanks soon and I need to upgrade my cichlids to about a 40 -50 gallon by the fall but maybe by next month I could sneak in a 10.