Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The cat saga continues

My parents had an interesting night on Monday( I was at work),about 5 in the morning there was a large tom cat out on our front door step railing howling,my mother went out and chased it down the drive way but we didn't see the small family all day until about 8pm when I went out to go to work,there was the mother calling to me.I got them some food and as I pulled out of the drive way I could see the mother and 1 kitten out eating.I guess after I left the whole family was out eating and playing in our drive way.The mother must have know that the large cat was a threat to the kittens and hidden them somewhere safe for the day.My mother said the male cat would probably kill the kittens if he could find them.

This morning they are all up under our truck so my father who was going out had to take the car instead. We phoned the SPCA and they are all full and so are the ones in Moncton and Bathurst ,the women said that it would be best to keep them for a few weeks and feed and take care of them as best we can until there is some room so I think my father will be grounded for quite awhile as under the truck seems to be their favorite spot.

Our cat normally doesn't like other cats but we can't keep her in for 2 weeks so she is out now and hopefully there will be no fighting.I wish I could keep one of the kittens they are so cute especially one dark with pretty markings on his face but no one else wants another cat.I think our cat would accept a kitten if I could convince my parents but that might be a hard job.The best I can do is maybe pay for the mother to be spayed when we eventually take her to the SPCA,I know they encourage people to do this as a way of making a donation,and then the cat is more likely to find a home.

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