Sunday, June 24, 2007

Living off others garbage

That a person can live for a year without buying anything is a really interesting idea,that really shows how much people waste.There was a segment on the National recently about this also.In the story the people featured even got their food from others garbage.I think that might be a bit to much for most people and seem kind of disgusting in a way but if people want to do that it's every one to their own thing I guess.

If I lived in a big city it would be kind of fun to go out now and then and see what you might find although I think I would skip on the food.It's kind of like the equivalent of our yard sales which are very prevalent in the summer months on Saturday mornings,some people go to them each week also.I go now and then and you can get some nice things and it's better than sending them to the dump.I don't know if they have yard sales in the bigger cities or not.

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