Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bat colony

I am glad I don't live in this building,I have enough trouble with the ants those numbers seem to be exploding this summer for some reason.Maybe it is all the wet weather.I feel quite guilty about harming them,they seem like such productive little guys but they have been coming in my window so I finally decide I had to put some poison down not that it has helped much.They have also been taking over some of my plants in the garden but usually I just tolerate them outside or dig up the hill if its really bad.


Anonymous said...

Bats are great, many places are actually encouraging them to build in their buildings.

Ants are great too and you just proved why. Wherever ants are coming into your house, just think how much cold air is coming through there in the winter time.

Caulking around windows and sealing around doors is far more effective, however, most likely the reason they come in is at some point they found food, so cleanliness is the best defense.

Another idea is to look at where they are coming from outside, and putting a small pile of sugar there. This usually gets them to change their short term plans, like any creature they take food from the easiest place possible. Use that time to seal your windows, and you won't have an ant problem again.

J@ckp1ne said...

I like to leave the window open and there is a humming bird feeder on it,that is why they are coming in I think.When the window is shut they can't get in but I hate to shut it in the summer.I don't think there are any drafts when it's shut.

Anonymous said...

Not even a screen? OK, then here's what is recommended, find out where they are coming in (a ledge or an opening) and try each of these in turn:

-50/50 mix of water and vinegar sprayed on the window ledge or just inside the window (if its unsuccessful increase the amount of vinegar to the point of just using vinegar)

-sprinkle over the surfaces either-black pepper, cinnamon or baby powder

Much more effective than poison and environmentally safe.

J@ckp1ne said...

I do have a sceen on but there is a tiny little space right at the bottom that I can't even really see but I know they are coming under it so it must be there.Thanks for all the suggestions,I will definitely try some of them as I don't like using poisons.Vinegar is a wonder substance there are so many uses for it.