Saturday, July 21, 2007

Irish festival opening review

I had a good time last night.Loyola Hearn was a reasonably good speaker,I found he started off a little slow but then he improved.He talked mostly about the Irish,where he grew up in Newfoundland and he had quite a few funny stories which is always good.My mother really enjoy him as he didn't talk much about politics which the speakers the last few years focused on.I am very interested in politics so I always enjoy political stories but where my mother is only moderately interested she would prefer to here about Irish things at the Irish festival which makes sense.

Another guest was Nobel Peace Prize Laureate John Hume.He was very interesting although he didn't speak for long,at the end of his speech he announced he was going to sing Danny boy and I though what is this going to be like but he is very good singer with a pleasant voice.

The Nelson Doyle dancers also preformed and they are always good.Iknow many of the girls as they are present or former Girl Guides.

It was very enjoyable evening and I hope to attend a few more events before the festival is over.

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