Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Non native species

The fact that zebra mussels have invaded the great lakes is worrisome.People see that the water looks nice and clear and think the lakes are healthy and they aren't.

Non native species are of particular concern to me as a fish keeper with irresponsible people sometimes releasing a fish they no longer want or that got to big for their tank into the wild.These released pets can then take over and out compete native species if they are able to survive the outdoor conditions in the area they are released in or if they can't survive will just endure a horrible suffering death which no one in their right mind would want their pet to endure.

Some people just don't seem to see this and I have actually witnessed some people on fish forums I visit recommending that a person release an unwanted fish into the local lake which besides the fact it probably illegal is horrible advice to give for the previous mentioned reasons.

Convict cichlids of which I have one are now found in Banff which is far outside there native range and tilapia which I see in the grocery stores also appears to be a problem in many areas as they are widely farmed and can escape.

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