Monday, May 7, 2007

Afghan detainees

I really wasn't very happy with the liberals a few weeks ago because of their motion to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan in 2009.I think it is really to soon to make a decision and we should stay as long as we are needed there especially seeing as the liberal were the ones to send our troops in the first place.That being said I am really disturbed by the stories recently about detainees being tortured ,no matter what these people may have done we need to remember they are still human beings that should have their rights respected.If we allow our selves to condone torture we are descending to the same level as the Taliban when they were in power and didn't respect any ones rights especially that of women.This is not something I want our country to be known for,so while I think there are still many good thing being accomplished in Afghanistan the current government needs to smarten up.

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